From the Studio

A lot goes down behind the doors of our studio. You may find techies tearing each other apart as they play MK vs DC on the Xbox or discover one of our creative heads cycling around the office. A quick low down of the recent happenings at Influx.

Street Photography

The Moment Of Truth

The month of April not only welcomed the mango season, but also opened new avenues to lesser understood creative avenues for influxians. Frankly Speakin’ Fridays, an effort taken by Influx to make work fun and informative, brought its employees together on the eve of 22nd to listen to VS Raghavan Chellam (RAGS), a passionate street photographer who shared his experiences on observing human behaviour through the photography lens.


Story Telling

The Art Of Story Telling

Stories have existed since long before recorded history, but the desire to hear stories hasn’t changed, nor has the longing to tell them. Today, there are so many stories to tell; however, the challenge is standing out from the clutter and effectively communicating a narrative. Uma Mahesh, a Communication Professional with 30 years of experience, taught us just that.


Rahool Saksena

The Art of Change With Rahool Saksena

This month, Frankly Speaking Friday happened on a Wednesday. After the success of last month’s session, we just couldn’t wait for another one! Our guest speaker, Rahool Saksena, an Artist of Change, shared his views and experiences on freedom and expression of creativity.



Frankly speaking Friday - Invest in yourself

This month on Frankly Speaking Friday we had Ms. Asha Daniel, an image consultant who spoke on “Invest in yourself”. And no, this was not just another session on family investments and policies that every corporate individual would hear about. It is about the most important aspect of every individual, which has mostly been ignored or least prioritized.


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FSF: Stay Happy, No Matter What

I must admit, I wasn't surprised when most people let out disapproving sighs of agony when we announced the topic for the second Frankly Speaking Fridays event for July 18. As our speaker would later go on to substantiate, no one, NO ONE in this world likes to be told that he/she should be happy. But I had faith in the speaker and her knowledge in the subject - "Stay Happy, No Matter What".


Responsive Web Design

FSF: Get rich before you are 35

Last Friday, August 1st gave everyone at Influx the opportunity to listen to investment and economics guru, Mr. Shyam Sekhar from ithought. There was no beating around the bush - we were getting a chance to listen to a man who on an average day, makes trade calls to the tune of several lakhs of rupees on behalf of scores of customers, entry level to the super rich.


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Extra Time Challenge

During the peak of the World Cup tournament, Influx Interactive is planning to organize its own football challenge to put these couch experts to the test with the Extra Time Challenge. The three week event starts of with a warm up session where the Influx team members are tested on their juggling and kicking skills which is followed by the penalty shoot-out challenge.


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